6 Reasons Why You Should Do A Pre-Wedding / Engagement Shoot Before Your Wedding

Many wedding photographers offer a complimentary pre-wedding / engagement photo shoot nowadays or if it isn't included in your wedding package, it is an option you can add to your wedding coverage. I thought I'd share with you why it's actually a good idea to consider booking an engagement shoot.

Modern London Wedding Photogrpher

1. It gives you an idea of what it will be like on your big day

The shoot will be similar to the session you will have after you tied the knot. I find that a lot people are quite nervous in front of the camera, which has mainly to do with the unknown. People don't know what to expect, so they expect the worst. A pre wedding shoot will calm your nerves and make your big day so much easier for you and your spouse. This is especially helpful for the groom as men are often more apprehensive of the idea of getting their photos taken in professional capacity. 

2. You will get to know your photographer better

It's one thing to talk to your wedding photographer over the phone or meet them over a coffee to discuss everything relating to your wedding day, but it's a whole other thing to experience how they work and how they treat you during the shoot. Are they fun? Are they making you feel at ease?  Are they just doing their thing or is the shoot a collaboration between you and your photographer? Those are all questions that will be answered by doing an engagement shoot.


3. It's an opportunity to rehearse

A lot of bride to be's use the engagement session to test their make-up or hair-do. It really depends on the look you want to go for. Casual everyday, fancy dress or anything in between. A pre-wedding shoot is ideal to get a feel for what you want on your special day.

4. Use the photos for your invitations

You can use one of the pictures for your "Save the Date" invites or even use a few of them in a collage for your invitations. Some photographers even offer a digital version for the "Save the Date" option, when they deliver the images from your session. It's worth enquiring about when you discuss the details with your wedding photographer. You can also use the photgraphs as part of your decoration on your wedding day.


5. It's fun!

It really is I promise. The right photographer for you will make sure you enjoy the experience and that you and your other half will have a good laugh as well. I even had clients saying they feel closer to each other afterwards. 

6. It's nice to have some professional looking pictures of you and your partner

How many people have only their wedding pictures of themselves? Looking at my parents, they've been together for almost 30 years and the only natural, good quality looking photographs of just the 2 of them are from their wedding day (26 odd years ago!) and I know many more couples, who are in a similar situation. I think it's lovely to have some natural looking images of yourself and your partner in crime outside of your wedding day.

I hope the above list did help you to decide, if you want to go for an engagement shoot or if you find that it's just not your style. I would love to hear to what conclusion you got!

Take care x