Fun Summer Wedding at St. Michael's Manor in St. Albans | Hazel & Matt


London Wedding

Hazel and Matt got married in summer at the beautiful St. Michael's Manor, which is a stunning hotel in St. Albans. It was such a fun wedding and even the weather played ball!

Getting ready

Hazel got ready in the bridal suite at the hotel with her mum and bridesmaids as well as her brides dude Zack, and the atmosphere was so relaxed. She then walked the short distance to get to the ceremony. She walked down the impressive grand staircase with her dad keeping a watch over her veil and making sure sheroot to the ceremony savely. Matt got ready at his parents house with is groomsmen. They travelled to the ceremony by cab. They even had some custom made flasks with their faces as cartoons on them and where in a pretty good mood when they arrived.

London Wedding Photographer Nicole Engelmann

The ceremony

The ceremony was a legal ceremony in the orangery. The orangery benefits from lots of natural light and a stunning view on the grounds and was the perfect setting for a wedding. During the ceremony when they exchanged their vows you could really feel the love and connection between Hazel & Matt. It was so emotional and really fun.

The reception

The reception was out in the garden at the venue. They chose St. Michael's Manor because it’s so cosy and relaxed and the food is incredible. It was a modern and relaxed wedding, which was so much fun to photograph. I love shooting at St. Michael's Manor weddings because the building is just wonderful. It has got lovely grounds, the light was brilliant for photography and all the staff were really friendly.

They lawn games, drinks and canapés in the afternoon, and a Photo Booth and a magician in the evening. Everyone was amazed by the magician's tricks and wanted to find out how he did them. They decorated the venue with colourful flowers and they chose this, because it fitted with the time of year.

For dinner they had a roast dinner, which was absolutely delicious. There was also a buffet later in the evening with lots of delicious cakes. Best Red Velvet I've ever had. The first dance was a romantic slow dance, and they finished off the evening with everyone rocking the danceflorr to Uptown Funk and Wannabe.

The nicest part of the day was all the board games and giant lawn games they set up, because they had so many fun games for everyone to play, taking some guests back and time and introducing the younger ones to new (old) games. Both the bride and groom’s dads as well as Matt’s groomsmen told embarrassing tales from the past during the speeches – it was hilarious and moving. Especially when it was the groom’s queue to make a speech, he definitely aced it.

The couple

The couple met in Singapore and have been together for 5 years. Hazel is actually Australian and lived in Singapore for a while by the time she met Matt on a night out during his first week in the country. They got in touch with me about 10 months before their wedding and their enquiry really intrigued me. They said they wanted a relaxed photographer, and I loved that they seemed so much fun and such a cool couple!

Hazel and Matt’s wedding was such a laugh and so laid back. Here’s their awesome wedding!

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