Why Having a Glitter Station at your Wedding is a Great Idea

Wedding Glitter Station

Okay, so maybe it’s not an essential thing to have a glitter station at your wedding, much like garden games or or bathroom baskets, but I’m here to tell you why it’s a great idea to have a one at your wedding.

They're fun, they're sparkly, they get guests mingling and of course everyone looks better doused in glitter!

A few months ago I went to a party that had a glitter station and absolutely loved the idea of having one at weddings. It makes for great photos of guests applying glitter in abundance to themselves or each other, imagine your best friend getting some glitter on grandpa… people will bond as they share the last of the glue and will still be joking over breakfast about how their faces and pillows looked when they woke up the next morning.

The point is, it’s a common ground. A talking point. A fun element that gets your family and friends from different parts of your life laughing and chatting together. And if you ask me, anything that gets your granny, your boss, your five-year-old god-daughter and other half's uni pal finding common ground, makes for a great wedding atmosphere.

Even if the hotel will curse the day it let 50+ people doused in glitter near their pillows!

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Eco Glitter

What You Need For a Wedding Glitter Station

There are some suppliers out their that will provide you with a fully equipped glitter bar including a professional make-up artist who will cover your guests in glitter, but you can also create your own wedding glitter bar and it’s really easy. Just make sure you get the all clear from your venue first, especially if it has carpets instead of wooden flooring.

1. Glitter (Duh!)

The magic ingredient! Unfortunately most glitter is made of plastic, it has the same nasty effects as those exfoliator beads that are banned now, so look for bio-degradable glitter for an eco-friendly sparkle.

Thanks to Eco Stardust for providing the images!

Thanks to Eco Stardust for providing the images!

Great bio-degradable brands are Eco Stardust, Festival Glitter and Eco Glitter Fun. Get lots of different colours & flake sizes, and buy more than you think you need, it will go fast!

2. Gel Adhesive

Most glitter and make-up brands offer dedicated glitter gel adhesive, but lip balm, Vaseline or aloe vera gel all work perfectly fine and won’t cause a bad reaction on most skin types.

3. A Mirror

Make sure your station has one or two mirrors and some lights so your guests can see what they're doing! Maybe get a couple of those illuminated mirrors like this one.

And that’s it! See easy peasy!

TIP! Giving a little pot of glitter to each of your hens or bridal party is a great way to get everyone in the party spirit for the big day... pick out mixes for each person or make a bespoke blend!