I'm afraid the answer is no. A lot of people ask for RAW files because they think it’s a higher quality file; the truth is that a RAW file is actually an unfinished product. It’s not directly usable – it needs to be edited. How a photographer edits a photo is a part of their artistic identity.

When you hire a photographer to capture your portrait or wedding day, you’re choosing them because you like how they capture the images and how the final product looks – I use the RAW files to create the finished product for you and that is what I sell: the finished product.

Asking your photographer for the RAW file is like asking your cake decorator for an extra bag of flour on the side, the flour is a raw product, an unfinished product. It means nothing on it’s own. Just as the cake decorator uses the flour to mix with other ingredients to make a finished product, we do the same with our RAW files. They are of no use on their own, they are an unfinished product and they aren’t sold.

I use the RAW files to create the final images, high resolution JPEGs.
JPEGs seem to get a bad reputation as they are seen as lower-quality files; but when exported with the high resolution parameters, they are beautiful finished products, ready to be printed. All the images you see on my website were created from JPEGs.


The copyright lies automatically with the photographer as soon as the photo is taken. This is also to protect my work. That said I’d only use some of the photos for self promotion on my website and social media. For any unlikely use beyond that (e.g. publishing in magazines or newspapers) I would ask your permission as I understand that you might not be comfortable with having your pictures everywhere.

The contract/price gives you permission/the licence to print and share the images, but prevents you from commercial use or altering the images, e.g. using filters, cropping or turning them into black and white.

Not many photographers, who actually value their work will give away the copyright to their images. That said there may be some, who might do so in return for a large fee.



For weddings it can currently take up to 2 months as a lot of time an energy goes into selecting the final images as well as editing them. That said I'm always aiming to provide you with the photos as fast as possible and I will share some of the pictures with you along the way during the 2 months editing period.

The usual turnaround for your photos from our portrait shoot is approx. 2 weeks. I will send you the proofs within the first week of our session for you to select the images you want me to edit.