Your Wedding Day Brief - How to ensure your day goes smoothly

You've done it! You’ve made it through months of wedding planning and you’re ready to enjoy your big day.  

Here is the most important advice I give to all of my wedding photography couples - relax...

It's your day and you've done all the work in the last few months, so it's your time to enjoy the day with your new hubby/wife and your family and friends. Don’t pay any attention to me and what I’m doing on the day. There are however a few small things you can do prior to the date to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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Talk to your friends & family about what to expect

My photography style is very relaxed and mostly documentary, which means most of the time I photograph everything as it happens. I've written a few in depth guidelines in an earlier post, but it’d be great if you could let your wedding guests know, that there's no need to stop and pose for pictures or move out of the way of the camera. It's all part of the story and that’s what I’m there for to photograph.

Apart from that it'd be great, if they don't use flash with their own camera or phone during key moments, like the ceremony or cutting the cake as it may be distracting or even ruin my shots. They're also welcome to take photos of the group shots, but please ask them to do so after I'm done to ensure everyone is looking where they're supposed to be.

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Have someone coordinating the group shots

Having group shots taken can sometimes be a bit tedious for your guests as it involves them waiting around until it's their turn, so having as much organised as possible beforehand, will help make things run smoothly and cut the time spent on those shots as well.

You've probably sent me a list of requested group shots when you filled out the questionnaire I emailed you. Make sure to assign someone to coordinate this list. Often it's a bridesmaid or close relative, who (ideally) knows all or most of your guests.

If you tell them exactly what the plan is, including the where and when, they’ll be less likely to wander off and delay things. Once your ceremony is over make sure who ever’s in charge of the list gets things moving.

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If you want detail shots, have everything ready.

I love capturing the little details of your wedding day! If you'd like stills of details like your flowers, rings, cuff links, dresses, suits or your shoes, it's best to have these items gathered in one place. I prefer to shoot those things at the start of my coverage, it usually takes about 20 min. That way it's done and dusted and I can focus on documenting the happenings of the day without worrying about forgetting anything.

Take some time out

Ironically enough you probably won't have much alone time with your new husband/wife on your wedding day, so 10-15 min at the end of your couple shoot is the ideal time to have some time to yourselves. 

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I know I mentioned it before, but I can't say it enough as it's easy to worry about seating plans and such on your big day. I'm sure you spent months planning this special day, so it's time to let go of the planning process and just enjoy it. There may or may not be little hiccups on the day, but your guests will most likely never know and you'll still have a blast! 

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