A new Collaboration with Fashion Blogger Her Couture Life | Chiswick

Her Couture Life is the blog of Anea Duratovic and her pursuit for European elegance in everyday fashion, beauty and living. Born in the city of Perth in Western Australia but now based in London, Anea’s blog focuses on classic and timeless style and beauty choices, and the journey to discovering them through travel.

Her Couture Life is a site dedicated to bringing readers regular inspiration in creating a lifestyle that is elegant and with a focus on quality over quantity. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life is a must and Her Couture Life endeavours to inspire you in this.

As well as blogging, Anea is also a professional jazz vocalist, having studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and New York University (NYU) and is one of Perth’s premier jazz vocalists. Anea is also a qualified primary & secondary music teacher, but also teaches voice one-on-one.