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This is the 7th installment of my blog series "Wedding Top Tips". It's all about bridal wear this time as I'm interviewing UK based bridal designer Caroline Matthews from Caroline Atelier.

Tell us a bit more about your company and how it came about?

Bridal Designer Caroline Matthews

Caroline has been a bridal designer for over 12 years now, She is also an award-winning fashion designer too. The CA brand came about quite by accident, Caroline was flicking through a bridal magazine (she isn't married but i guess the universe had a plan for her!) and she had a sudden epiphany that every single dress was the same... same strapless, big skirt, not too fashion forward and it was then that she realised that she could design fashion forward bridal wear for the stylish, modern bride.

A CA bride is a bride that oozes being unapologetically herself. She loves to hang out with her girlfriends, she is an easy breezy chick who loves fashion, loves dancing barefoot and most of all is confident in who she is. We believe that our brides wear who they are unconditionally.

Caroline is also a Multi Award winning fashion designer so we fuse fashion and bridal together to bring to you a collection that is effortless, stylish and is basically just an extension of our brides personality. Finally, if that all wasn't enough, Caroline is the Founder of The Luxe Collective which works with designers (female) to help them create a wildly, successful personal brand online. on their business and personal branding.

What has been the best or most memorable wedding you've worked on so far?

I guess the recognition for winning awards has been amazing and also just generally getting to see happy brides in our collections. We have won numerous awards over our years and this is great to receive. Some of the best weddings we have worked on are those brides who we are now actual friends which i love...

What are your 2 top tips for brides and grooms to be?

For the bride... Be yourself! Far too many times i see brides who go crazy with feeling like they have to " be" and "look" a certain way... Remember who it is that you are marrying! this is the guy who wakes up next to you with no make-up, has seen you puke a million times... He is marrying you for who you are!!!

For the groom, get involved, I have seen some amazing weddings planned and been 50/50 input on the day and you really can tell and it makes a difference. Also, break with tradition, say hi to your bride in the morning of your wedding, give her a kiss, tell her you love her, send her a little gift, you are both nervous as hell and it's the small things that make all the difference.

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(All photos were provided by Caroline Atelier)