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The 3rd installment of my new blog series -  Wedding Top Tips. This time with Liz from Wedition!


Tell us a bit more about your company and how it came about?

Hi I'm Liz and I make personalised wedding magazines! You give them on the day of your wedding to your guests as a favour. I style the magazine to your colour scheme and theme. You can have anything you like in your magazine; perhaps the order of service, readings and menu. You might want to break the ice at the wedding breakfast and include a 'Meet the Wedding Party' article. You could have a game of camera eye spy or fun facts about you guys. Perhaps the history of the venue or your proposal story. Even your pets can be featured! I came up with the idea for Wedition when we were planning our own wedding. Our venue was so steeped in history we did not want our guests to leave the next morning not having learned some wonderful facts about such a fascinating place. We also had a lot of little details and special touches planned for our day and I included an "It's All in the Details" article so our guest could learn that the date, the colours, the song choices, they all had a special meaning to us. The flowers on my dress matched those on the bridesmaid dresses and the cake. The table names had a story behind them too. It was the perfect go-to guide to our perfect day!

What has been the best or most memorable wedding you've worked on so far?

I would say my first customer's wedding as that was the moment my dream of running a business suddenly became a reality! The couple were so lovely to work with and it was clear that they had such a great group of friends, it was a joy to learn all about them and feature them in the wedding party section of their Wedition. Their gorgeous little dog Alfie was their ring bearer, it was wonderful to include a little interview with him! I enjoyed the learning process of that first magazine; for example I had to create my first ever invoice and produce terms and conditions, perhaps not the most exciting part of the process but a necessary one. It was a fantastic experience and now I feel as though I've created a great journey for all my customers. From that first point of contact, to receiving their first hard proof to look through to then delivering the finished product, there's a lot of fun and excitement all round!

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What are your 2 top tips for brides and grooms to be?

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1. It can be overwhelming when planning a wedding as it is most peoples first time planning a big event. Decide at the beginning the three most important things to you and your partner. These things need to be referred to each time a decision needs to be made, making that decision will suddenly become so much more easier, certainly in terms of sticking to your budget! For us it was 1. Family/friends 2. Fun 3. Food. This meant we spent a lot less on flowers so that we could spend more of the budget on 'fun', we hired a wild west quick draw game!

2. Enjoy the wedding planning process, it's a once in a lifetime experience so grasp on and savour every moment. If you find that you have a supplier who is difficult to work with or causing you stress then they are probably not the right supplier for you. It's your day and you should be surrounded by happy vibes!


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