Couple Shoot with Annamarie & Tom | London Bridge

A few months ago I run a competition on FB to win a engagement / couple photo shoot and I'm happy to be able to finally she the results from that shoot with you. The winner was chosen randomly using a name generator, which picked Annamarie & Tom. We met at London Bridge and wandered around the area ending up at St. Katherine's Docks during sunset. My favourite time of the day.

Their story reads a bit like a romance movie... They met at the age of 20 in Slovakia and were a coulpe for 5 months. After that they went separate ways, discovering the world - Tom moved to England, got married, moved to Israel, then back to Slovakia and got divorced. That's when they met again after years, Annamarie had already been living in London by that time.

It took them 6 years apart to realise that they want to be together. After that they managed a long term relationship and 7 months later Tom moved to London. They (finally) got married 3 years ago, but been together for 8. 

It was truly amazing how attuned the two of them were. Annamarie & Tom were so relaxed and at ease with each other in front of the camera, sharing little jokes, whispers and lots of hugs and kisses...