How to Prepare for your Pre-Wedding / Engagement Photo Shoot

I love doing pre-wedding / engagement sessions for so many reasons. Seeing two people in love, in front of my camera really inspires me to create beautiful and authentic images. For the couple it's also a good opportunity to see who I am and how I work. Couple and pre-wedding/engagement sessions are also fun, because you can personalise the theme as the shoot is all about you as a couple. We can personalise your shoot in many ways such as: picking a location that suits you or is important to you both, choosing a great outfit and bringing props along, if you feel they would add to your look. My favourite locations are parks such as Holland Park and Regent's Park and I love shooting along the Southbank. It's best not to shoot in too crowded places as it can distract from you and you won't want people photobombing your photo session.




This is the perfect time to get your makeup and hair done (If you are looking for a great makeup artist feel free to ask me for suggestions).  No big, fancy up-do’s are necessary, you’re supposed to look like you, but you at your best.

You want your pictures to represent you and your personal style. You don’t have to be too matchy-matchy, but you don’t want to contrast each other too much either.  High contrast (ie: girl in white, guy in black) can overwhelm the picture. Try to coordinate, but don’t get too caught up on looking like you just walked off a department store display. Don’t be afraid to wear colour! Light colours are always flattering and highly recommended!  Here is a great article about how to best match colours -

It’s okay to bring 2 or 3 outfits, even if you don’t wear them all. I aim to maximize our shooting time together. Even if you don’t make use of all the outfits at least you have options.

What not to wear…

You definitely want your photos to represent you, but keep the following tips in mind:

  • Avoid clothes with large logos or words
  • Patterns can be flattering, but don’t go overboard
  • For a timeless look it’s probably best to skip the neon colours
  • No sweatpants, athletic clothes or pyjamas (Running shoes should stay at home too)
  • Dress comfortable and for your body type, clothes that are too baggy or too tight will stand out in photos
  • Try to avoid plain white tops and shirts, try to break them up with a jacket or cardigan
  • Accessorise can be an awesome part of your shoot, so dress your whole outfit.  Think jewelry, belts, scarfs, hats, shoes - whatever makes a finished outfit for you
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Engagement Photographer London



What to bring/do:

  • Feel free to bring a hand mirror and make-up, just incase you need touchups. Also if needed hairspray, a brush/comb and bobby pins.
  • Props can help to bring out your personalities as a couple and set the scene. Think of a favourite book? Or maybe your other half gave you a special gift you’d like to show off. Maybe a bouquet of flowers or just a single (favourite) flower? Wanna stage a little picnic? Bring a blanket or a picnic basket. Balloons, confetti and bubbles can make the shoot fun and special as well? There are no limits to your imagination. 
  • Something to sit on, if you are worried about getting your clothes dirty or not comfortable sitting or the ground
  • I love to collaborate with clients, after all it's your shoot, so if you have a photo on your phone or a moodboard on Pinterest or a favourite spread from a magazine, please feel free to bring it so I can see your ideas. Feel free send me your ideas before the shoot as well.
  • I recommend to bring along some water/snacks if you feel you might need them. It's best to eat before the shoot, so your energised and don't get hungry during our time together.
  • Be on time. It's not unusual for me to have more than one or two shoots in one day, this means I can't always extend the session. It's also important especially if we are shooting in the evening and we have a limited amount of time before the sun goes down.



And finally - Don’t be afraid or shy to think outside the box. These photographs are bound to be around for a long time and it’s important that they represent both of you. If you have ideas or questions, I’m always up for trying new things. Most importantly - Have fun! :)