Summer Wedding at Chiswick Boathouse - Sinead & Marc

I've been a bit lazy with posting some of the weddings I've done recently, so I thought I'd share one of my favourite weddings from this year! 

From my very first meeting with Sinead at the end of 2016 I knew it'd be  a great day. Sinead and Marc grew up in West London and have been together since they were teenagers, so their wedding has been a long time coming. Sinead is Irish and Marc half French, half German - you can imagine the fun at the wedding reception. Apart from a delicious 3 course meal and Hummingbird cupcakes, there was even an unicorn ice sculpture from where the guests could drink several different flavours of Vodka. That's what a call a party!

Both their families were very welcoming towards me,  I really enjoyed being part of their big day and felt honoured to be entrusted to capture all there special moments.

Without further ado, here are some of the images I took at Sinead & Marc's wedding at the end of May in West London.

Take care. x