6 Reasons to Hire Me As Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Nicole Engelmann

You like my style of photography, and want your wedding photos in a similar style

This is one of the most important reasons. If you want a completely different look than what is in my portfolio, you are probably better off finding a photographer that creates that style. Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal decision. Tastes are different and I know that I am not the perfect choice for every couple. Each wedding is a collaboration between me and the bride & groom, so it is important that what you envision for your wedding photographs matches my style.


I am very laid back and relaxed. I adapt quickly and won’t try to run your wedding.

We all know how hectic and stressful your wedding day can be and I work very hard to not make it even more stressful, but to also keep you relaxed, comfortable and laughing. I may make some suggestions during the day - for example, where to stand for the cake cutting, but I am far from a control freak.


Wedding Photography Nicole Engelmann


I promise - no cheesy photos.

I avoid anything that is unnatural looking, contrived and overly cheesy, and since every wedding is unique, I take different photos at every wedding - I don’t have a fixed list of standard poses and shots I take at every wedding. I also encourage couples to send me their ideas for the photoshoot part as some brides (and grooms) have things they would like included.


Photography is not just a job to me, it’s my passion and I do it full time.

There are many very good wedding photographers who do weddings on the weekend and another job during the week. I was one of them until recently. Now that I am a full time photographer, I am able to focus all my energy and attention on providing a top-notch service to my clients. I love capturing weddings, which is a major benefit to you as well. I believe this shows in both my attitude on your big day as well as in your wedding photographs.


London Wedding Photographer Nicole Engelmann


Clients feel at ease with me.

So many of my previous customers have written back to compliment me on my fantastic level of service and the wonderful photographs I took. By far the most commented on aspect of my service is the way I have been with my clients, putting even the most nervous of people at ease, allowing them to really relax and enjoy their big day. Nothing is too much trouble, remember I’m there for you, it’s your day.


I use some of the best cameras and lenses available, and have multiple backups.
The skill of the person handling the camera is much more important than the equipment, but having great gear also helps. And at a once in a lifetime event like a wedding, having a backup camera for the worst case scenario is critical.

London Wedding Photographer Nicole Engelmann