My Amsterdam Trip

You will never know until you go.
— Your Passport

When you live in such an hectic city like London you will appreciate the relaxed Amsterdam atmosphere. I was lucky enough to be able to visit the city while also covering an event in the capitol. 

The contrast to a city like London is immediately palpable and I'm not talking about the wafts of weed you will smell multiple times a day when exploring Amsterdam. A cliche that even surprised me.

You can reach almost every tourist attraction within 15-20 min by foot from Centraal Station, if you want to skip some of the walking you can just use one of the many tram lines or hire a bicycle (it seems everyone single person there owns one). It's so easy and stress free for people to get around.

I loved just wandering around, exploring the city and it's culture and I'm looking forward to hopefully go again and see what else Amsterdam has to offer.

Below are some of my photos from the trip including the Flower Market, the canals, Anne Frank House, the Dam and just the city in general.