I'm a Photographer!

I'm a photographer! This might not come as a surprise to you, but it does to me. Someone asked me this week how it feels to be a professional photographer and it hit me - I actually get paid to take photos of other people. You know when you are busy doing something, not realising that you do it until someone points it out? That was me. I'm still taken aback by the realisation that all my work, the hours, days, weeks, months I spent on furthering my knowledge, building my portfolio were NOT for nothing.

I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm a big step closer to it. I'm so proud of myself (and I don't say that lightly), of what I accomplished so far. Just 4 years ago I was still living in Germany, with my parents, had a job I absolutely hated and felt trapped. For the first time in a long time I feel content, happy with where I am and what I do.

There are still things I want to change, but I know I will do so in due time. Nothing comes from nothing. Another thing I realised living in London. Anything is possible, if you are willing to work for it. I'm so glad that I took that step, moving to London perusing something I love and having the patience to wait for the right opportunity to come along.

I guess what I want to say with this whole post is - don't wait for life to happen, make life happen.

Work for what you want and don't expect to get everything you want without doing anything for it. I'm working full time during the week while having photo shoots on weekends. After work or during lunch breaks I'm often editing images, replying to emails, doing all the administrative stuff and I'm even thinking about doing an evening course at university to get a qualification in photography and I know I will do these things for quite a while, but I also know I will be rewarded for all the work I'm doing now...

How about you? Do you have something you're passioned about, that is worth all the hard work? If love to hear from you, hear your experience?

Take care, Nicole x