New Everything...

Hi everyone! By the time you´re reading this you´ll notice some things have changed. I´ve moved most of my content over to my brand new website!

You´ll find my portfolio and other great stuff (I´m biased though) over there. It´s the same address, nothing changed in the way you get to my website. I just decided that Wordpress isn´t giving me everything I want out of a website without paying for every little thing.

I also changed the layout of the blog to fit it better into the website. The blogs address is now Just click on the menu sign in my header (it´s those 3 small lines in the right top corner of the page) and you´ll be able to see my archive and in the left top of the black box you will see "Website". Just click on it and you´ll be redirected to the new site. You know you want to...

Blog Header

Menu Header

I hope you like it and I´d love for you to let me know what you think. Even if you think it´s rubbish!

Take care and visit -!

Nicole x