English Cemeteries... Creepy or Mysterious?

I´ve always been fascinated by English cemeteries. This is probably due to all the books I´ve read and movies I´ve seen that took place in good old England. Nowadays I love to watch mystery shows like Miss Marple, Midsumer Murder, Lewis, etc. Anyways cemeteries in England are so much different from the ones in Germany. It´s all neat and cold, very organised. Whereas here they are treated like parks and they have a very natural look. I´m not saying I´m spending all my free time in cemeteries, it´s just one of many things I love about this country.

Back in November I´ve visitied Highgate Cemetery in North London. It accommodates over 53000 graves and it´s devided in east and west, but you are only allowed to enter the west cemetery with a tour guide. So I did the whole thing. It was really interesting to hear about the history of the place and of some of the people who were laid to rest there. It´s a beautiful place on a sunny day and I´m sure it gives you the creeps on a dark rainy day. I wouldn´t want to walk around there on my own.

The east cemetery is bigger but not as extravagant as the west one. You can explore it on your own, no tour guide needed. You still pay entry though. I know a lot people don´t think you should have to pay entry for a cemetery as it´s  a place of mourning. But everyone was really respectful. I just think it´s a place of history one should see. And when you find out how much it costs the "Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust" to upkeep the cemetery you don´t mind paying for seeing it. You certainly won´t regret it either.

I took lots of photos (nothing new here), so just see for yourself. :)