It´s been a while

Happy New Year! Yes, I realise we are already 7 weeks into the new year, but I thought it´s an appropriate greeting as I haven´t posted anything in over six months. Shame on me.

I could find a hundred excuses for not posting on a regular basis. I started a new job (back in August) and moved (again!), I go to quite a lot gigs and do other random stuff like sleeping. But I won´t bore you to death with my spiel. I just had other things on my mind. Simple like that.

If you´re bothering at all and follow/read this blog - I will post some photos I took (while neglecting wordpress) and also some videos of gigs I went to. There´s some really great music out there, it´s just waiting to be discovered.

I hope you all had an awesome year 2012 and that 2013 will be even better.

See you around (Let´s hope it´s not gonna be another 8 (!) months),

Nicole x


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